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Breath is a unique kriya, which will give you everything in life and also takes you forward in devotion and deeper in meditation. It plays the most important role, to take a person in Samadhi or deep blissful state. In any kind of spiritual journey, without the kriya of breath, it is very difficult to move forward. Kriya of breath is most important to help to calm down and relax the mind.

The kriya of breath works at a very rapid rate for either kundalini or any other chakra activation. To awaken kundalini, kriya of breath is very helpful. It plays the most important role in opening the chakras and also best in order to heal the chakras, Lust, anger, greed, desires, jealousy. To keep all these balance of life, kriya of breath helps very fast and perfectly.

Kriya of breath can help a person to have a happy personality, have a positive outlook and have hope in life. With the kriya of breath patience increases a lot. a person will not lose his patience even in difficult and tough situations and stay balanced & stable throughout.

Kriya of breath can help a person to stay controlled with his feelings. It can help to clear problems of past life karma. Breath is a kriya that can help you with self-control and discipline. You can vanish your negative thoughts with the kriya of breath, similarly as any object destroyed when you throw it in fire. It can also help to purify the body and mind. It can also help to reduce the strong thoughts waves from ethereal bodies and create positivity and control emotions.

Kriya of breath is the best and fastest way to enter into meditation. It can help you to enter the internal world and also help in self-realization and get wisdom. It can help to increase the lungs capacity to a large extent. Breath also helps a lot to increase the intelligence of a person. As long as there is breath, there is everything in life, if breath stopped then everything will have finished. So, if you improve your breathing, you can improve your life and its pattern.

Kriya of breath will give you the strength to fight with all diseases, as long as you know the proper techniques to use this kriya of breath.

And at last breath exercises also help to control and balance body fluid, which is called Harmons and it improves immunity power.

Pricing Details

Price: $54 For 1 Month in 8 class.

Module: Online

Course Schedule
Per Month - 8 Classes
Every Monday & Thursday
Online Meditation Course

The meditation Course offers you an opportunity to take a moment off your hectic schedule and connect to your inner self. Online Meditation program is the perfect choice to kick-start your meditation journey.

PDF Materials

Course Study Material will be provided in PDF form.


Study and practice more than 30 Meditation Techniques.

Zoom Session

Zoom to conduct all online meditation and other sessions.

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To ensure a place in the selected program, kindly deposit FULL fee in advance. This is a non refundable/non transferable amount.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the program, the deposited amount will be valid for the next 12 months from the start date of the program that you initially opted for.

You must pay the entire course fee before joining your classes.